Welcome to Iduna's Garden

We change the world with regenerative recreation that fosters nature connection and green creativity

Who are we?

Iduna's Garden is a digital garden for regenerative thinkers and innovators who are passionate about contributing to restoring and regenerating life's support systems. 

In this regenerative virtual space we reconnect people to their regenerative self, forge new friendships and develop future career skills that are difficult to automate.

Our mission is to Bring Imagination to Life to accelerate the adoption of a regenerative future.

Our three Lifeboat Goals are:

1. Rewild Hearts

2. Restore Imagination

3. Develop Regenerative Lifestyles

Our members master three regenerative innovation competencies needed to protect and restore biodiversity in the natural world:

  1. Fostering and enhancing people-nature connection which motivates people to develop a regenerative relationship with the natural world
  2. Nurturing green creativity and non-verbal communication as important elements of innovation capabilities
  3. Cultivating a regenerative mind like a garden including regenerative digital intelligence as counterpoint to extractive business models

Our members contribute to the adoption of regenerative business models by addressing challenges such as

  • Impacts of loneliness and social fragmentation
  • Identity crisis caused by extractive data economies and outrage business models
  • Disconnection from nature and the non-human world 
  • Cognitive and decision fatigue 
  • Blanding of imagination and creativity 

We do that by:

  • changing how people interact with nature, in particular restore and enhance people's relationship with the non-human world,
  • addressing challenges of loneliness and social fragmentation offering a virtual environment that is free from popular cultural discourse,
  • practicing peaceful society attributes,
  • helping define what regenerative business models and relationship economies will look like,
  • saving time and money enabling people to distinguish regenerative economy hype, idealistic thinking and what is financially and functionally viable,
  • developing regenerative digital cognitive intelligence, 
  • contributing to the design of pleasant and peaceful society cultural software and technologies, and
  • establishing green creativity, leisure and play cultures that restore the capacity for health and vitality to people and the life supporting systems of the planet and space.

What our members get:

  • Quality member generated content free from doom and gloom in popular culture and algorithms that drive people away from each other
  • Opportunities to practice thinking like gardener - nurturing the relationship between people, nature and creativity while practicing regenerative digital skills and content development.
  • On-line, self-paced courses in regenerative leadership, such as Nature Connection Facilitation, Regenerative-Self Design and Regenerative Leadership Guidebook (incorporating therapeutic arts activities).
  • Live events and workshops focused on regenerative recreation and leisure.
  • Marketplace for members to promote themselves and network.
  • Library, wiki and free resources.

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Our promise

An optimistic digital space where you can grow new friendships while learning skills and knowledge for regenerative self and life recreation.

When you step into Iduna's Garden you will immediately experience a new, non-preachy, startup vibes and fun way in which we can use digital technologies to restore vitality.

The experience of Iduna's Garden is regenerative within itself.

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