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MaRi Eagar

Welcome to Startup Regeneration

MaRi Eagar

Welcome to Startup Regeneration

Gain first mover advantages in becoming regenerative business innovators.

About Us

Join us in revitalizing our world

I am thrilled you’re here. 

Welcome to our EcoNova Village™ 🌼

 We are a Regenerative Work and Life Design PossibilitySpace to create  imaginative, nature-positive and pro-social nature-inspired innovations that protect and restore the planet and people’s essential spirit and vitality.

Regeneration is an idea whose time has come

Where can you start to learn more and master the skills of regenerative innovation?

What we offer

Our Regenerative Business Innovation Community creates opportunities for busy and high performance intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to connect with and collaborate with artists and green creative entrepreneurs to turn EGS goals, regenerative theories, and concepts into action.

Instead of lecturing, teaching, advocacy and other values transformation tactics, we apply the art of storytelling, myth-making, games and other creative skills to inspire action for personal agency and lifestyle change.

Our mission is to empower team human to rewild, nourish human imagination and cultivate regenerative work and life styles as essential practical, nature-positive transformation technologies - and make good money too.

Benefits of joining Startup Regeneration™

Community: Talking to and learning from others. New connections.

Exclusive learning and leadership development courses: Bite size lessons separated into themed units, such as The Art of Strategic Conversations, Community Design, Positive Nature-Based Therapy, Regenerative Design Thinking and Regenerative Business Models.

Curated research: Library of resources, such as recommended regenerative initiatives, expert videos, science, and academic research from “the road less travelled’.

Accreditation and Ambassador program to support you in growing your own community and network.

Wellbeing support in a Community of practice away from the current "attention distracting" social media marketing platforms.


The material in Startup Regeneration™ is for general informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice, diagnosis or treatment by a physician or other health care professional.

Our Philosophy

ubuntu: I am, because you are.

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