IDUNA's Garden
IDUNA's Garden
MaRi Eagar

Welcome to Iduna's Garden

Rewild our Hearts. Recreate Imagination. Startup Regeneration©.

Who are we?

                                       Regeneration for Everyone!!! 

Experience Regeneration

Learn how to Regenerate

Live a Regenerative Life.

Iduna is a Northern European Goddess of rejuvenation and regeneration. Her mythologies are long forgotten, except for one story where the great superhero gods and goddess all start looking for her when they loose vitality and start ageing.  We know that she was from Aesir,  the realm of life and vitality. 

Iduna's Gardens is a decentralized curated digital garden where our members master the skills to startup regenerative business innovations.  

We are informed by emerging forms of decentralized communities such as art hives, community gardens and makerspaces. 

Our members are entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals who develop future work and business leadership skills by actively starting up regeneration. These skills and experiences:

  • are difficult to automate; 
  • currently not of interest to big tech business models;
  • enable real world prosperity and anti-fragility;
  • nurture originality and versatility; and 
  • corporate culture appropriate to accelerate awareness, adoption, increase utilization and achieve return on investment

How? Utilizing our curated knowledge space, workshops and peer-to-peer mentoring, tribe members design and develop new business solutions and models inspired by positive leadership, nature connection, web 3.0 and expressive arts, while learning how to startup regeneration.

A curated digital garden: Members of Iduna's Gardens experiment with, apply and practice Regenerative Community Design and Practices. The curated content is available for members to share to their own teams and tribes.

Our Motto: Deeds. Not just words. Have fun.

Our culture: Craft and Science. Nature Positive. Expressive Therapeutic Group Arts. PeaceTech. Gaia Data.

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